Long story short, I spent most of my professional career as CTO in startups, literally walking the whole path from 0 to unicorn 🦄

During the journey I have grown from solopreneur, handling everything related to a computer, to leading big distributed tech teams in skyrocketing scaleups like Wefox or Revolut.

Nowadays, I help other aspiring engineering leaders take the right decisions and multiply their impact from day 1, through Lidr’s learning platform and mentoring programs.

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👨🏻‍💻 About me

<aside> 💡 The best way you can know me is through my content, and not through the good things I say about myself. And that happens mainly on Linkedin

Alvaro Moya - Founder - Lidr | Training the Tech Leaders of the future | LinkedIn


► I'm the founder of Lidr.co and the creator of our current programs, like Ignite and Lidr Academy. I share my time between CEO functions, mentoring, and creating content for our growing community of engineering leaders.

► My favorite role is being a mentor. I have been mentoring top professionals from all around the world, from junior entrepreneurs to CTOs, in several tech schools, mentorship programs, and innovation centers. Now we at Lidr train other managers and CTOs to be impactful mentors. Read what they say about my work below 👇

Alvaro Moya

► I still join some interesting projects as consulting CTO for fast-growing startups and well-established companies, like Revolut, Covu.com or Busup.


► I have founded 3 companies before. I helped to grow them from 0 to millions of users, and bring them to some of the most prestigious accelerators in the world, like 500 Startups and Google Blackbox



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