We crafted this program to help professionals from any department work with tech teams, and get the most out of software tools currently available.

It is a 100% practical training that teaches basic software concepts and uncover some powerful tools you can use to automate your work, improve your efficiency or even building your own prototypes, without relying on developers. It levels up your technical skillset, but more importantly, it boosts your confidence and your communication skills in digital/tech environments.

We have special add-ons to cover particular needs for different audiences: Founders, IT Recruiters, Project Management and Sales/Marketing.

It is a 6-week program that breaks into 22 hours of group sessions, a group project, and more than 10 hours of extra content and resources. An intensive, 1-week version of the program can be required on-demand, just Contact Us

It requires attendees around 10 hours of work per week, 4 of them live on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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📝 Format and methodology

We believe in interactive, real-world scenarios to deliver a real change in mindset and attitude. Participants feel they are facing a real challenge, not a school assignment. They will face chaos, uncertainty, unknown challenges, and will be required to set processes, work with diverse profiles, deliver on time, and make decisions.

We call it the staging environment:

✅ What you will learn

This is the syllabus of the program: